Google maps motorcycle navigation

Instructions and menu available in your language. No need to worry about maps updates anymore. Google Maps are updated regularly for free.

Works on Android Auto or Carplay - Android (11 or newer) or Apple mobile device (iOS 10 or newer) needed. Screenshots on website are for AndroidAuto (Carplay is a bit different).


Available in two sizes

Real-time traffic and weather

(Live Weather available on Android only)




Other Features

Moto navigation - Waterproof & Gloves compatible




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Shipping is free to all EU countries for orders over 40€. If the product is in stock, it is expected to be delivered within 3-10 working days.

You can use Google Maps, or any other maps application available in the Android Auto or CarPlay system.

You need an Android (11 or newer) or Apple (iOS 10 or newer) mobile device.

The connection is wireless - Bluetooth and Wifi Direct

You only need to turn on mobile data on your mobile phone if you want to use apps that need internet access (weather forecast, chat apps, real-time traffic). You don't need access to mobile data to use only Google Maps, as you can download the offline maps to your phone first and use them without internet access.

Yes, you can use all the applications available for Android Auto or CarPlay on the device (Whatsapp, Viber, Teams, Weather forecast, Home Assistant,...)

Yes, the device is waterproof and can be also used on direct sunlight.

The device does not have a battery and it needs to be connected to power supply (USB port (5V),12V socket or direct power supply).

Yes, Google Maps maps are automatically updated (as an app) when your phone is connected to a Wifi network.

Yes, you can connect the Bluetooth headset to the navigation or directly to the mobile phone.

Sure, you'll get universal mount together with navigation, moreover you can select and purchase extra different mounting brackets  (you can see the photos on the product page) for each product.

Currently it's available only online. If you're owner of a motorcycle equipment shop and would like to sell our products, please reach us on

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